Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Seconds" coming

“Sloppy Seconds”
(Comatose Music)

In the hammer-smashed world of death and gore, Sexcrement is carving out a nice little niche for itself with songs full of  carnal depravity and dark humor. Maybe the body count isn’t excessive on the band’s sophomore album “Sloppy Seconds,” but songs about drinking piss in hopes of catching a second-hand meth buzz are no less disturbing than ones about human butchery.

Singer Adam Mason’s bearish growl casts a pall over lyrical nuance, but song titles such as “Heard it Through the Rape Vine,” “Chemical Handcuffs” and “Assisted Living Lap Dance” get across the point.

Drummer Devon Hunt, guitarist Evan Duplessis, and bassist Blue Spinazola supply the songs with a bedrock groove. From there, it’s a matter of shifting tempos and creating contrasts to keep the 8-song disc chugging along. Duplessis uncorks some nice squealing leads and creates fluttering breakdowns that balance brutality with melody. The rhythm section too breaks from the norm with occasional light-touch, jazzy cymbal fills or funky bass lines for a bar or two.

Sexcrement, a staple in the Boston extreme scene, is playing Sunday, June 10, at The Palladium in Worcester as part of Worcester Death Fest. Six Feet Under, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Revocation are on the upper part of the bill, and the day get going at 1 p.m. with about two dozen bands in all playing.

Comatose Music released “Sloppy Seconds” and the band has an appropriately disturbing video out for “Trucker Bombed,” the song inspired by tales of drug addicts scouring highways for discarded piss bottles.

Sound clips of boozy dialogue pop up between songs, enhancing this portrait of wretched excess.

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