Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Southern Lord road show

Southern Lord Records has a knack for sussing out heavy music that his brutal and mind blowing at the same time. The label has a killer package tour on the road this summer featuring Black Breath, Martyrdod and various other bands as it moves from city to city. Southern Lord founder Greg Anderson put together this tour, and it nicely lays out the breadth of label’s offerings

The Secret, Enabler, and Burning Love are also on the bill Thursday, July 5 when the Southern Lord tour hauls ass into Radio in Somerville. Show time is 7 p.m.

Black Breath is out in support of its second disc “Sentenced to Life.” The crusty Seattle crew dumps gallons of bile in the half hour it takes to get through the 10 tracks. Against the low-end boom, Black Breath cranks out plenty of guitar thrash that all in all keeps “Sentenced to Life” chugging along pretty good. Here they are playing "Home of the Grave."

Sweden’s Martydod this year released “Paranoia.” Lots of good proggy flash amid the death bellows.

The Secret, from Italy, can go from two-minute stun gun blasts to moaning goth. Looking forward to the band’s follow up to “Solve et Coagula.”

Burning Love out of Ontario has the fresh punks-meets-muscle offering “Rotten Thing to Say.” And Milwaukee’s Enabler is deploying its latest hardcore beat down  “All Hail the Void” along the tour.

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