Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Fury Divine finds its place

A Fury Divine is a good example of a band that figures out how to take a lot of different musical styles and pull in one direction. The band is heavy and melodic. Shaded by hardcore and hard rock. Brutal but not dark.

“We’re usually either the heaviest band on the bill or the lightest,” says A Fury Divine singer Jesse Hunter.

On Oct. 26, you can decide where A Fury Divine fits in as it shares the stage with From Atlantis, Paris, Elementalist, WrenchNeck, Atlas, The Lost and Never Found, and Marching On at the Eagles Club, 71 City Hall Ave., Gardner, MA. The show starts at 5 p.m.

Formed in Connecticut little over two years ago, A Fury Divine went through a few configurations before landing on its current line up of Tom Benedict and Mike Stella on guitars,Tyler Young on drums, Venessa DuPuis on synths, and Hunter.

While the band works up a debut recording, three songs are already up on A Fury Divine’s Facebook page, and they’re all pretty good bait. “Keep Calm” underscores the friction the band generates to good effect (hearing someone scream “I keep calm” like a lunatic definitely knocks you off balance). “Forget the Past” conjures Coheed & Cambria-like cinematic sweep. “We Never” is a roiling brew of chants, doom riffs, and hardcore breaks.

Hunter, who is A Fury Divine’s  most recent recruit, says everyone in the band brings his and her own influences into the mix which is why there is such a broad sound.

“Not one of us is cut from the same mold as the other musicians,” the singer says. “I  think there’s definitely some mutual ground we all draw inspiration from as well as each of us having our own ground.”

The addition of keys gives A Fury Divine a distinct accent without forcing the band wholly into a prog-metal direction. The other noticeable trait is how A Fury Divine gets heavy but not too dark.

“That’s just not us,” Hunter says. “We like the heavy stuff, but we’re fun-loving guys.”

After a pretty solid take-off two years ago, the band hit some turbulence as places to play around Connecticut dried up. The band started gigging more in Mass, and even though it lost a battle of the bands to WrenchNeck, the two groups became friendly and started helping each other find and promote gigs.

“We’re happy to grab shows in Mass,” drummer Young says.  “The scene is strong there.”

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