Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This'll do, Fog Wizard

Fog Wizard’s new “Anything Metal Will Do” may be just five-songs long, but that’s enough time for this band to run a course from murder to monsters to some more murder and a few points in between. It all raw and rough, but pretty unchained as singer Captain Motherfucker navigates punk, doom, and death elements crammed into E.P.

“Lobo” gets things going on an impressively gruesome note as the band rips through a tale of abuse met with ax-wielding vengeance. Evil McDeathington pops the cork with a bit of bass bashing before drummer Gott der Kettensagen keeps a steady death-march beat over which Darth Drewcifer666 deploys a variety of guitar squeals and screeches. Capt. Motherfucker narrates the story of our psycho Lobo (last spotted in New Hampshire), and sets up a lunatic pace that the rest of the band works around for the remainder of the project.

“Metal Warriors” is more or less ode to Motorhead, with the thrash ’n’ punk approach carried over to “Fear the Kraken,” a bit of monster metal that would sound at home in a Dethklok set.

But before anyone thinks Fog Wizard is just shitting around, the band cranks out the brutal punked-up “Meat is Murder,” a song that says "screw" to preaching and just gets down to the nitty gritty of the shit and blood of slaughterhouse livin’.

 “Gone” closes out the disc with a blast of doom, though in this case der Kettensagen gets all schizophrenic on the kit while the bass and guitar lock down the groove.

Fog Wizard’s CD-release show for “Anything Metal Will Do” happens Monday, Nov. 26, at the Middle East in Cambridge. Sunken Ships, Earthstomper, Descend Upon The Sane, and Black Trip are also on the bill. The show is 18+ and doors open at 7 p.m.

This marks the inaugural show of Metal Monday, a monthly showcase of local and regional metal bands that LT Live is booking into the Middle East. Seren and Boarcorpse will be on the Dec. 10 Metal Monday bill.  

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