Friday, December 28, 2012

The Year in Loud

So looking back on 2012, the New England metal scene did not disappoint. Festivals, club shows, series, and CDs gave head bangers plenty of ways to spend their hard-earned plastic. It was good to see metal slide deeper into brutality while upping the technical game too. Some bands sharpened the traditional sounds, and a few stood out with sick, twisted humor. Much to love, but when the mushroom cloud settled, these are the 11 slabs of N.E. metal that stood out.

“Contaminating the Hive Mind” by Abnormality- Death with brains. 

“Gutter Choir” by Hivesmasher  - Grind your mind.

“Death is the Only Mortal” by The Acacia Strain- Scorched-earth metal.

“Fire From the Sky” by Shadows Fall – Why aren’t these guys headlining stadiums?

“Oh Shit” by Dick Move – No bullshit metal-flavored hard core.

“Solipsist Dream” by Pathogenic – Prog-death with a soul.

“Sloppy Seconds” by Sexcrement – Groove-death with totally evil soul.

“Born of the Bomb” by Lich King – Goddam motherfuckin’ thrash, baby.

“Temple” by Thy Will be Done – And this is the sound of a band hitting its stride.

“Second Grave” by Second Grave- Smells like stoner metal.

“Chemistry of Holocaust” by The River Neva- Melody and brutality sandwich

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