Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Original Meliah Rage singer Mike Munro resurfaces on this definitely different take of "Heaven and Hell" posted to commemorate the second anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's May 16, 2010, passing. I've never really been a fan of de-fanged metal (does anybody listen to Metallica's "S&M" more than once?), but have to admit that there's something compelling going on here. Pianist Micah Sheveloff cooked up this arrangement for his forthcoming album "Exhibitionist." Munro was the voice of  Meliah Rage  when the band burst out of Boston in the late '80s with an Epic Records contract in hand after only eight live shows and few demo recordings. Munro split from the band but rejoined comeback efforts in 2008 and 2010. Munro's replacement Paul Souza is back in the Meliah Rage saddle.

Here's Munro with Meliah Rage at the band's peak doing "The Witching."

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